The Problem With PC People

Dave Winer has realized the problem with some developers. They don’t realize there’s a whole other world out there of people who don’t use Windows’s but still want to buy their programs and use them. Dave Winer: “I just had my first experience clicking on a link to install some software and groaning when I…

What Clients Really Want

There was a great article over at HOWdesign about what clients really want from a design firm. If you’re a designer, or even a client, this is a definite read. Consultant Joe Grant has interviewed thousands of companies that buy advertising and design???in other words, your clients???to find out what they really want in…

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Mi≈? i Pile: Logo Design Portfolio One of the best portfolios of logo designs I’ve ever seen. More stuff than a graphic design magazine. (tags: branding design graphic icons illustrator inspiration studio identity portfolio logo logos)

Ceres Teachers and District Continue Faceoff

In local news… : The Ceres Unified School District is on the offensive in negotiations with its teachers’ union after months of stalled bargaining and a slate of educator grievances against new policies. The district this month filed two unfair practice charges with the state’s Public Employment Relations Board, which administers collective bargaining laws….

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Understanding How Soft Boxes Work A must read for every photographer looking to break into the field, Understanding How Soft Boxes Work teaches the in’s and out’s of using a softbox in photography. (tags: photography howto photo reference photos video)

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HOW TO: Ubuntu Linux for Novices A great howto for people just getting started with Ubuntu Linux. (tags: ubuntu linux tutorial howto computer Debian home opensource tutorials article)

Scientists Looking At Womens Brains During Their Period

In an effort to better understand the women, scientists have begun studying the womans brain during PMS and her Period. “Help may soon be on its way for women who live with the pain of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and for those who live with them. Researchers have begun to investigate what happens in the…

Sun Pushing AJAX in Development Suite

There was a very interesting article this morning over at eWeek about Sun Microsystems support for AJAX technologies. Sun is seeking to build into a studio suite a set of core AJAX components that you’ll be able to use over and over to simplify the time it takes to go from the drawing board to…

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Knoppmyth A Knoppix install of Myth TV Linux PVR. (tags: cool Debian hacks diy howto Install Linux media opensource software TV video knoppix mythtv pvr)

Bush’s War in Iraq More Costly for Californians

Mercury News: “Personnel from California make up the highest numbers of those killed, 10.6 percent, according to statistics drawn from Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, a Web site that compiles data on U.S. and allied casualties from Pentagon press releases and news reports.” Tags: California