Sun Pushing AJAX in Development Suite

There was a very interesting article this morning over at eWeek about Sun Microsystems support for AJAX technologies. Sun is seeking to build into a studio suite a set of core AJAX components that you’ll be able to use over and over to simplify the time it takes to go from the drawing board to real world applications.

eWeek: “Looking to enrich user experiences with Web applications, vendors are increasingly turning to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

Sun Microsystems Inc. is promoting an AJAX-supporting component model around its upcoming Java Studio Creator tool with hopes the model can succeed the way the component model Microsoft Corp. fostered around its popular Visual Basic development environment did, said Graham Hamilton, a Sun fellow and vice president of Sun’s Java Platform Group, in Santa Clara, Calif.

Sun has touted Java Studio Creator, formerly known as Project Rave, as a Visual Basic-like tool for simplifying Java development.

AJAX is the name coined for a set of technologies that enable developers to build Web applications that are more rich and interactive, like desktop applications. AJAX development is among the hottest developer technologies around, based on growing vendor support for the platform and developer acceptance.

“The intent is to build components and create a catalog of them,” Hamilton said. “We think there are 10 to 20 common AJAX components you’re going to see” that Sun will likely build and then promote”

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