links for 2007-03-29

A really cool signature that uses information from the World of Warcraft armory to create a custom signature for use in forums. (tags: gaming warcraft worldofwarcraft WoW)

Looking 4 GPS

I’m looking for a GPS unit that’s Mac (all our laptops are Mac) compatible. Live updating with either proprietary trip software or a Google maps add-on is a plus. It can be teathered with a cable or wireless. Send me your thoughts (loydatdailythingdotcom) or post them in the comments. Thanks!

I’ve Got Your Number

So what do you do when you think someone is spoofing your email address and you actually know where to find them? This morning I received an email from a POSTFIX email server about an error with the email. Interestingly enough just by reading the header info it’s pretty obvious someone at this host is…

Baby News

Just wanted to break the news, we’re expecting our 2nd child sometime in early November. Needless to say Mommy and Daddy are VERY excited. Is it too early to get a Mac Mini for the baby?