What Clients Really Want

There was a great article over at HOWdesign about what clients really want from a design firm. If you’re a designer, or even a client, this is a definite read.

HOWdesign.com: Consultant Joe Grant has interviewed thousands of companies that buy advertising and design???in other words, your clients???to find out what they really want in their relationships with design firms. Communication and trust are the dominant themes. “Over and over, agencies and clients get into trouble because they don’t take the time to clearly spell out what they expect from each other, including roles and responsibilities,” Grant says.

Grant’s “Top 10 List of Client Wants” is a set of precautionary principles that can help you bolster client relationships before those cracks appear. “Doing the ostrich thing is definitely not a good approach with client relationships,” Grant says. “You need to be proactive about keeping them happy and your relationship healthy.” How? By meeting 10 basic client needs.

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