My Tweets for 2010-04-24

What your Facebook friends unknowingly tell others about you. Protect yourself by changing your FB security settings. #

Touch Device Helps Autistic Kids Speak

One of the major hurdles we’re having to overcome with my son’s autism is getting him to speak. Sure he’s got a couple of broken words and some sounds we’ve come to recognize but he really started making great leaps forward when he started working with a PECS book.

Now We’ve Gone and Done It

A while back I wrote a post on making your web pages load faster. Imagine my embarrassment when I got an email a few days later telling me my own site was loading slow. And then another email. And another. Wait, what? How could my own site be loading slowly? So I started digging.

I’m OK with That

I’m more of a morning person anymore. I love getting up early to watch the sun rise and drinking my first cup of coffee. Unfortunately that means I miss almost everything on television after 10 pm.

Maybe, Yeah

So last night while I was sitting here thumbing through NetNewsWire on my iPad I came across a post Doc Searls had authored about branding. In his post Doc Searls pointed to this post by Yvonne on BlogHer. In her post Yvonne talks about the changes blogging has undergone and the pressures we all feel…

My Tweets for 2010-04-13

Why are things for your business 10x more expensive than the same item for a non-business customer? # The hidden cost of starting a home based business: you pay not only federal and state tax but LOCAL tax too! # And you thought your taxes were high before you started your business. #