I watched Slap Shot the other night. It’s been nearly 10 years since I saw it last. I hadn’t forgotten all the slapstick (pun intended) but I’d obviously forgotten most of the dialogue. Let’s just say I was happy my daughter was in a room far, far away and out of earshot.


Last nights cold snap drove the kids to come into our bed. I woke up this morning to find this pair snuggling next to me.

Buying for Baby

This weekend we picked up a stroller with an infant car seat for the new baby and a new mattress for the crib that my oldest son had been sleeping in. He has a new “big boy” bed. Picking a quality stroller/infant car seat combo was the hardest part though. Most of the reviews are…

Most Infant Car Seats Flunk Crash Tests, Consumer Reports: Many Performed ‘Disastrously’; Only Two Made Grade – CBS News

In a report that’s leaving Infant Car Seat manufacturers reeling, Consumer Reports is reporting that most car seats for infants fail miserably and in some cases should be immediately recalled. CBS: “The seats came off their bases or twisted in place, the report said. In one case, a test dummy was hurled 30 feet. Of…