The Problem With PC People

Dave Winer has realized the problem with some developers. They don’t realize there’s a whole other world out there of people who don’t use Windows’s but still want to buy their programs and use them.

Dave Winer: “I just had my first experience clicking on a link to install some software and groaning when I realized it was Windows-only. Oy. The Mac is (dramatically) prettier, more colorful, has nicer hardware. But developers still make software for Windows without doing Mac versions. Before today that was someone else’s problem. Today it’s mine too.”

Kudos to all you developers who choose a platform-independent route. I like to use the same programs on my Windows and Linux machines that I use on my Mac. You make that happen. Thank you.

BTW, If you haven’t figured it out there are very few programs (Azureus being a noted exception) that run comparably on all 3. The most useful aps are server side like Bloglines, NewsGator, and Gmail.

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