I took a time out and went outside to enjoy California Spummer. I took photos as proof!


I watched Slap Shot the other night. It’s been nearly 10 years since I saw it last. I hadn’t forgotten all the slapstick (pun intended) but I’d obviously forgotten most of the dialogue. Let’s just say I was happy my daughter was in a room far, far away and out of earshot.

The Emperors New Clothes

Please pardon the blandness, I haven’t picked a theme to use with Dailything yet. The theme I was using was a pain in the ass, poorly coded nightmare. I’ll probably make something or find one soon enough but for now this old thing will do.

Look Who’s Back, Back Again

In 2002 I started this blog and posted almost daily. As you can see from the content it was mostly just a mishmash of things I found interesting, thoughts, posts about being a new father and life along the way. After a while though my time got taken up by other things, I changed jobs,…