My Tweets for 2010-11-20

Synching my ipad to the new computer. I'm a little scared. Wonder how much stuff I'll lose. # @Edie_Howe Thanks. Had to hunt around to find my apps. Actually weren't in the music folder I was using but in a different one. # Synching your iPad is like going to an AA meeting for the…

My Tweets for 2010-11-17

@Edie_Howe I'm sick of the Beatles already and it's only been 30 minutes since the announcement. # They could have at least released digitally remastered for iTunes versions. # I'm sure we'll see digital versions in 6 months when the distortion field has dissipated. # Ok. So. Where's the AC/DC on iTunes. Figure it out…

My Tweets for 2010-11-16

@Edie_Howe Yeah! Why go to the airport to see pr0n when the interwebz are full of it I say. # My ear is ringing like the telephone of a toy store on Christmas Eve. #

My Tweets for 2010-11-12

@RBlackPhoto Thanks # @MinThomp Thanks # @Edie_Howe You got a TV now? Wow really moving up in the world. # @Edie_Howe Uh huh. Did the "kind neighbor" KNOW you were watching or did you make growling sounds so he just thought it was a bear outside? #

My Tweets for 2010-11-09

The great thing about a REALLY wide monitor is you can have a lot of stuff going on at the same time. # Apple migration tool is awesome. Took less time to copy everything than reinstall and relicense everything. # Total migration time was 3.5 hours as opposed to 6 hours for complete reinstall and…

My Tweets for 2010-11-02

Wow! You can definitely tell it's Monday. Easy things are difficult and difficult things are nearly impossible. # Problem solved. Wasn't that hard. # New Adium isn't the best Twitter client in the world but, it works. #