NetNewsWire 3.2 for Mac only $10

Yeah, ok. I bought a serial for NetNewsWire 3.2 even thought I’d previously purchased NetNewsWire. I’m a little miffed that the original pricing was for “lifetime upgrades” but $10 bucks if a fair price and expecting to get the amount of work they put into the new version for free seemed a little asinine. Brent…

Are you insured?

So a little over a month ago on my birthday I was on my way back from a friends house when I was rear-ended at a stop light. Calmly I pulled to the side of the road and got out to survey the damage. It wasn’t too bad all things considered. My back bumper was…

Our Twitter Updates for 2009-09-13

Couldn't sleep. Got up early, early on a Sunday to work on some projects. # @purplelime You're complaining he's early? Repair men are normally 2 hours late over here. in reply to purplelime # @purplelime lol. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Our Twitter Updates for 2009-09-11

I remember. # I remember sitting at this very desk on a morning just like this morning when I first started hearing news of a plane hitting a building. # Powered by Twitter Tools