Judge to RIAA: You need to pay up.

Again an Oklahoma judge has thrown out a lawsuit by RIAA and ordered them to reimburse the defendant for fees incurred while defending herself in the lawsuit. “…Court did conclude that the Fogertv factor regarding the need for compensating the prevailing party under the particular circumstances of the case was, in fact, met. The Court…

links for 2007-04-18

Songbird Now Supports iTunes Library Import and Sync With iPod Songbird, the cross platform music suite, now imports all your iTunes libraries and can sync with your iPod. (tags: opensource media free audio songbird addons extensions)

Songbird Flys High

If you’ve ever looked at this blog you’ve probably saw me mention Songbird (www.songbirdnest.com) before but now there’s even more reason to rejoice. Songbird now imports all the tracks from your iTunes library! How cool is that? But, wait, there’s more. Songbird also synchs with mobile devices including the iPod. So you can buy music…

Magnum PI Eat Your Heart Out

Check this out! Dane Carlson from Business Opportunities Weblog saw someone hopping his neighbors fence, grabbed his camera and then snapped pics of the would-be thief as he fled after the homes alarm went off. But Dane DIDN’T stop there. He jumped in his car and followed him around the block where the suspect changed…

Apple Unleashes the 8 Core Mac Pro

Here’s one for all you Apple “fan-boys” to check out: the 8 core Apple MacPro. That’s 4 Intel Xeon duocore processors running at a 3.0 ghz each. Pretty sweet. Interesting that they’re showing it with Adobe Creative Suite 3.