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NPPA: Business Practices Toolkit Information to help Independent Photographers. (tags: photography digitalphotography photos legal law information)

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Stargate SG-1 Cartoons by Leah Rosenthal As if we couldn’t get enough Stargate SG-1 here’s some great cartoons by Leah Rosenthal. (tags: animation cartoon TV stargate) Sporting Goods Business News and insight for sporting goods and outdoor business professionals (tags: business outdoor)

Goodbye Rio.

Ars Technica is reporting that RIO is abandoning the MP3 player business. For consumers this means less choice as to which players you can buy. For Apple it means more market share. Ars Technica: “So much for first-mover advantage. D&M Holdings, Inc., owner of the Rio digital music player brand, has decided to pull out…

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TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor (tags: javascript wysiwyg html editor web programming webdev ajax dhtml opensource design CSS php program software tools xhtml webdesign)

Flying Spaghetti Monster Takes On Kansas School Board “Move over, Darwin. Stand aside, Intelligent Design. The idea that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the world is demanding equal time in Kansas biology classrooms. In his corner are three moderate state school board members and a prominent Topeka attorney. They say this concept makes about as much sense as proposed science standards, favored…

The Last Word

This will be the only post I’m going to make addressing a topic which I commented on that has been picked up by several sites. No, I’m not going to link to it*. It’s sad how people let their desire to find wrong doing and maliciousness cloud their common sense. *I’m not sure what the…

Something Funny

Backup Brain: “Kim pointed me towards When the Graphic Artists Get Bored. I was fine until I saw the pandas.” OMG. It’s hilarious!! Tags: design, humor

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Starbucks Menu Illustration Created in Fractal Painter 5, Starbucks new menu graphics take the cake. (tags: corel painter design graphic graphics Art tools) EXPOS√?2 Grand Master – Ryan Church Top Notch Designer Ryan Church creates some of the most stunning representations. (tags: corel painter design media graphics)

Open Mouth Insert Foot

Dave Winer does it again. Scripting News: “I really dislike Safari, I so don’t care for their choice of sites to feature and the feeds they chose are all the predictable ones. Where’s the Home icon.” Come Dave. Let REAL Mac users show you what a Mac can do. Tags: Apple, Mac, OPML