Got an iPhone or iPad? Get this App.

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad get this app. Yes, it’s a weather app but it’s most likely the most beautiful weather app you’ll ever find. And, it’s only $0.99. WeatherHD for iPhone and iPad. It’s a universal app so you only need to purchase it once to put it on both your iPhone…

Morning Coffee

The nice thing about working from home, the wife gets up before you and has the coffee ready when you get up.

Same Ol’ Song and Dance

When I ordered my iPad a few weeks ago it was a tough call deciding between the wifi only version or the more expensive wifi+3G version. Sure Apple assured everyone that the $25 monthly to AT&T was for unlimited bandwidth but then, these are the same people who promised the still yet to be seen…

From My iPhone

One of the cooler apps for the iPhone that has recently came out is the WordPress app. Prett cool that you can blog directly from your iPhone, upload photos and edit old posts when you need to. Pretty cool. Now isn’t that better than the traditional “Hello World” post?