Microsoft Hopes To Curb Piracy With New Campaign

Well it looks like Microsoft is taking further steps to curb piracy this time by using nagware. M&C Tech: Microsoft is enhancing its Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) test tool to detect PCs that are not using a properly licensed version of the Windows operating system via an update patch. Alerts will be sent directly to…

The New Age of Spam

If you’re a blogger you may have noticed spammers have figured out a way around us blocking them by keyword, don’t use keywords. Most of the new spam looks like a real comment until you look at the person commentings link or the links in the body of the comment. Almost all the time it…

links for 2006-04-26 » How to Buff A Lowbie A great macro for casting lowerlevel buffs on players. (tags: Worldofwarcraft games gaming wow)

links for 2006-04-25

best-of-craigslist A most enlightening, enjoyable, hilarious, scoffable, risque collection of posts from Craigslist. (tags: funny humor fun craigslist craiglist blog)

links for 2006-04-20

one red paperclip Spend some time seeing what you can do when you take a little initiative and give it a shot. (tags: funny humor cool blog blogs travel trading Project creative lifehacks ideas inspiration fun entertainment)

BloggerCon IV is coming to SF!

Looks like Dave is ready for BloggerCon IV and it’s going to be in the Bay Area again which means I’ll be attending. Tentatively the date is scheduled for June 19th but may change. If you haven’t been to one I suggest going. It’s a lot of fun and very eye opening. Dane from…

links for 2006-04-19

Fifty Ways to Take Notes » Solution Watch A great article from over at Solution Watch with a list of applications that’ll help you take better notes or atleast get ’em under control. (tags: business web application development web2.0) Top 10 Best Designed Blogs by Elliott Back A great list of some of the really…

Make Your Own Custom MySpace Layout

So you jumped on the band wagon and got yourself a MySpace account. Now you want to customize it. Here’s a great tutorial that’ll walk you through the steps necessary to convert the default layout to your own awesome layout. The idea is to cover the entire default MySpace profile with your own custom…

Mental Note #4,568

Mental note: when backing up data be sure to replace the old files with the new not the new files with the old.