Still a Guinea Pig

Installing Windows 11 on my Surface. Why? Because I think it’s the form factor that the OS was designed for. That and it’s the only machine it’s available on that I’m willing to risk installing it. Sure not installing it on my gaming rig.

Tempus Fugit

Secretly, I think we’re in the middle of a time war and time keeps stopping. Unfortunately, I think most of the battles take place while I’m at work.


For some reason listening to jazz on sunny mornings makes me think of Quincy ME. Not that there’s anything wrong with Quincy. In fact, Quincy was one of my favorite shows growing up. Jack Klugman was awesome. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Quincy reboot.

AA (Amazing Audio)

I’ve always loved music both playing and listening so I must say, Apple’s new Spatial Audio is amazing. Sure some people will say, “I can’t hear the difference”. I’m sure not everyone will be able to. But if you have an ear and can tell the difference between mono and stereo and have a good…

They’re So Pretty

Have you seen the new iMac’s from Apple? I like that they’re colorful but I wish you could get them in two-tone. I’d go for blue on top and orange on bottom. Sure they’re loaded with the new M1 processor which is super fast and super powerful and they come loaded with great speakers and…

When You Realize…

The whole reason your code hasn’t been working and you’ve been banging your head against the wall for an hour is because the perms in the file are preventing it from saving.