Cybersquatter Hijacks Podcast and Demands Ransom

In a case reminiscent of the early days of the web, cybersquatting has reared it’s ugly head again. This time a podcaster has fallen victim to having her RSS feed hijacked. Podcast Hijacked, Held for Ransom The manner in which the purported hijacking occurred exemplifies the fact that RSS feeds are far more vulnerable to…

National Football Leauge Shutting Down Podcast!

Geek News Central: Seems the National Football League does not like anyone talking football except for their party line. Check out this link I went to the site. Seem this is the first real case of trouble over copyrighted material experienced by the podosphere. Tags: iPod, news, podcast, podcasting, NFL

Evil Genius Chronicles Changes Bit Torrent Feed to Default

Dave Slusher: “I’m in the process of changing over the default feed to be Bittorrent. I have thought a lot about how to do this to minimize the impact to everyone. I have decided on a long transition. As of now, the main feed is a hybrid. Beginning with the episode I’m posting right now,…

Live @ The Daily Thing

The second podcast for Live @ The Daily Thing 10-26-04(9.1mb) is up and floating on the cloud. In this edition we talk about Konfabulator, announce my new project and waiting for the cops. Ooops! Sorry. I put the wrong URL for the podcast. That’s what you get for being up at midnight.

Jumping off bridges

The inaugural podcast of Live@thedailything (14.7mb mp3 file) is up. It’s proof why you shouldn’t try to make a podcast when you’re tired. Links: Chris Pirillo Dave Slusher Featured Artist: Arizona Dead Arm