My Tweets for 2010-06-26

@purplelime Vimeo? # Why won't you work? Work dammit! WORK! # If you develop something for public consumption always remember that good documentation is key to success. #

My Tweets for 2010-06-25

@davewiner Did you move to NYC just so you could get all the new toys 3 hours before the tech crowd in California? in reply to davewiner # I heard the CEO of AT&T got married recently. The service was great, but the reception was terrible. (via @TUAW from @jasper9 @mege123 ) # @cherryblossom Got…

My Tweets for 2010-06-24

For some reason NetNewsWire on the Mac isn't connecting to Google Reader this morning. #NetNewsWire #Google # And Seesmic won't connect to Twitter. Nice! # Looks like my brain is also having a problem connecting to the concept of work. Coffee should fix that. # New Flickr HTML5 layout rocks. Now view images on black…

My Tweets for 2010-06-19

So many crazy people in this world and for some reason they feel the need to email me. # Wondering if anyone would notice if I just hid under my desk all day. # @Edie_Howe I close the door and lock it. Keeps me safe from distractions like…uh..yeah twitter is a distraction isn't it? in…

My Tweets for 2010-06-18

Modding WordPress to work as a Project Manager. After that you can watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Nothing up my sleeve…PRESTO! # WordPress 3.0 just released. Be sure to check your version of PHP and MySQL before upgrading. Requires PHP5/MySQL5. #

My Tweets for 2010-06-17

@jmccartie Mine broke once. I was forced to suck on the beans while drinking hot water. #coffeeaddict in reply to jmccartie # @Square What ever happened to the Card Readers? I signed up first day available on iPad and still haven't received one yet. in reply to Square # Mowed the lawn at 6am this…

My Tweets for 2010-06-16

Website is live. Time to go buy some farm implements and curse my neighbor the whole time. # Always amazed that this photo is still getting traffic after all this time. #