When Good Go Bad

Over at another one of my sites Tom, one of the contributors to my site, put up an article about speed running Half Dome and a 2 man attempt at speed climbing record. This morning I received an email from an organization dedicated to helping stop abuse of sled dogs. What threw me for a…

Attention Spammers

To those people trying to send comment spam: I’m online and I’m watching you. How stupid can you get?

You Know It’s Working

Well isn’t that spe-sh-ul. One word and one email address blocked and my spam went from 211 to 64. Viruses: 0. I’d call that successful.


I wouldn’t recommend sending me an email from VirginiaPreps at AOL or any other email provider. Since I’ve gotten over 85 virus laden emails from that address I’ve blocked it at the server level so they’re not even getting in the gate now. When I came back from camping I had over 211 emails just…

Spam Spam Spam I Don’t Like Spam!

Mail.app, the Mac’s built in email system, is now catching about 98% of my junk emails. Pretty good. VERY good in fact. Cloudmark’s Spamnet is only catching about 80% on the other machine. Speaking of spam….the email addy I give out publicly garnered over 860 spam emails Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It looks like spammers…

Spammers Galore

I’m not quite sure what’s happened in the last week but it seems that every spammer in the world has doubled their efforts. It was so bad in fact that on Tuesday morning I subscribed to Spamnet (yes I’m sure there are a plethora of free alternatives but I like this one and it’s only…


Jay Allen. Smart man. MT-Blacklist. Get it. Use it. Donate. Thanks Dane!