How to Work From Home (and Stay Sane)

I’m constantly tinkering, toying, working, building, breaking, and digging into new projects all the time so it seems like I never stop working. Here are some ways that I’ve come up with that can help you and your family keep their sanity while we’re all at home together.

Establish “working” times for you and the kids when the kids have “school work”. Be sure they know that time is quiet time. Use that time to schedule virtual meetings and phone calls. Immediately after quiet time take 15 minutes to spend time with your kids to encourage good behavior.

Take time during the middle of the day just after lunch to go outside and play with your kids. School age kids are already used to the routine of having a short break after lunch.

Be silly and have fun. Sit down with your kids to color, cut, paste, and draw. Make silly hats or masks or even make your own art exhibit. Judge the art and award first place ribbons in silly categories “Best Picture of a Cat Standing on His Head While Juggling Sharks”.

It’s ok to have family time but sometimes everyone needs a little space. Recognize when the child just wants some “me” time and let them have a little room. It’ll keep tempers from flaring and help keep everyone happy. Remember, this works for your spouse too. When they want alone time, give them some space. There’ll be plenty of time later for together time.

Don’t force activities. Ask your child what they want to do then ask if you can join in. Don’t forget to be silly and have fun.

(Photo by nappy from Pexels)

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