A Little Work From Home Distraction

Whale jumping above water

It can be hard to stay focused when working from home especially when you have kids running around, on their devices or watching tv, your spouse is on the phone or in a video conference or the sun is so nice coming through your window you just want to go outside.

When I’m working from home I like a little background noise to help block the additional noise going on around me and one of my favorite things to have going in the background is the live webcam from the Hawaii Humpback Whale Sanctuary. Nothing like peaceful ocean waves and every once in a while the splash of a breaching humpback.

Just open a tab, put on your headphones and click the embedded video above. It’ll stream uninterrupted for as long as the tab is open. Don’t forget to check back once in a while to take in the view and see if you see any whales.

Photo by Andre Estevez from Pexels. Not actual webcam view.

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