Look Who’s Back, Back Again

In 2002 I started this blog and posted almost daily. As you can see from the content it was mostly just a mishmash of things I found interesting, thoughts, posts about being a new father and life along the way.

After a while though my time got taken up by other things, I changed jobs, lost focus, and just burnt out. So, I stopped posting.

Things have and are changing again though. After taking quite a long hiatus, I’ve decided to revive the blog and begin posting again.

I want to keep the old content so you can see what life was like when I first started blogging so I’m keeping the old posts. As far back as I could retrieve, anyway.

I warn you now, you may find some broken links and missing images. Things may be formatted wonky and not look quite right. It is what it is.

Hope you enjoy!
– Loyd

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