NetNewsWire 3.2 for Mac only $10

Yeah, ok. I bought a serial for NetNewsWire 3.2 even thought I’d previously purchased NetNewsWire. I’m a little miffed that the original pricing was for “lifetime upgrades” but $10 bucks if a fair price and expecting to get the amount of work they put into the new version for free seemed a little asinine. Brent has put a lot of effort into this new release and totally deserves some reward for it. After all, NetNewsWire is the only program I use every day other than Mail.

If you’re a Mac user and interested in a good RSS feed reader that has a very intuitive interface, lots of great features and has been a staple on the Mac since 10.1 then NetNewsWire is for you. You can get a free download at

If you wish to purchase NetNewsWire simply install the client then click the NetNewsWire in the menu bar and select “Buy NetNewsWire”.

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