Magnum PI Eat Your Heart Out

Check this out! Dane Carlson from Business Opportunities Weblog saw someone hopping his neighbors fence, grabbed his camera and then snapped pics of the would-be thief as he fled after the homes alarm went off.

But Dane DIDN’T stop there. He jumped in his car and followed him around the block where the suspect changed clothes. Dane took his pic again and then gave it to police when they responded to the call.

A little while later police found the suspect and attempted to apprehend him when shots were fired.

Here’s the full article from the Modesto Bee.

Here’s Dane’s own account via Gtalk.

dane.carlson: i just foiled a robbery at justin’s brother’s house
dane.carlson: brother
sorry, yeah
at his brother justin’s house.
the alarm scared him away, and then i photographed him in the park
and then i drove over and photographed him on the street after he changed his clothes.
me: nice!
dane.carlson: the police said i was a hero.. heh. i think that they id’ed the perp.

Nice work Dane.