You NEED This. You do. You Really Do. Trust Me. I Know. You Need This.

Warning: Excited screeching followed by moments of joyful jumping up and down excitedly to follow.

OMG. If you’re a web developer either professional or amateur then you’re going to need to follow this link and get Firebug.

What is get Firebug? With get Firebug you can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page all from INSIDE Firefox. What’s more is it allows you to monitor items on your page as they load so you can see what is slowing down your page load time and where any issues might lie.

Having trouble getting an element to adjust properly in CSS and want to make sure you’re changing the right tag? Mouse over the element and it’ll highlight the item live on the page.

You can open get Firebug in a separate window, or just have it sit in bottom of your browser. It’s also got controls so you can choose which sites you want to use it on and which you don’t. Perfect if you surf away from a page to check your gmail then decide to surf back.

Best news of all, get Firebug is FREE. But you REALLY should donate. This looks like a lot of work went into making something really awesome.

I am not paid for this post btw. I just think this is really awesome.

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