New iWeb Making Messy Sites

With the little bit I’ve played with iWeb, Apples’ new website/weblog building software that’s part of iLife ’06, I must say, it builds some damn ugly URL’s. Here’s what I mean. The URL for my site I was testing is:

Whoa! That’s quite a mouth full! Well, yeah! It is. Let’s take a look at what all that garbage ACTUALLY means.

Do you REALLY need all that gook? The old site names were as easy as:

I actually put a redirect on my old site pointing at the new address of the blog so it’d be easier for people to find but overall, this is really jacked up. Whatever happened to “simple is better” Apple? If you need some help figuring out your vhosts call me, I’m available.

I guess Steve was right, it makes “beautiful sites”. He didn’t say anything about “beautiful URL’s”.

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