A Mystery Spot No Longer?

The San Jose Mercury news published this interesting article where one UC professor explains the mystery of Santa Cruz’s famous Mystery Spot. Personally I’m just as baffled as before. Have a look.

MercuryNews.com: The spot has been drawing tourists from around the world since 1940, a year after George Prather bought the property, located on a gradually steepening hillside about three miles northeast of downtown Santa Cruz. Tour guides tell this tale:

Prather wanted to build a cabin but became concerned when a surveyor’s compass began going haywire. He built the cabin anyway, only to see it slide down the hill into a stand of redwoods — where it sits today.

The cabin — said to be at the center of a circular, 150-foot-diameter “spot” — is the main attraction at the site. It is where, as tour guides put it, “the force” takes over. Balls appear to roll uphill, people’s heights seem to magically change and kids literally climb the walls.

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