Winnie The Pooh To Get A Girl Friend?

Yes, it’s true. Disney has decided that it’s time for Winnie the Pooh to have another female character. The change will take place in a new series based on the A. A. Milne characters set to debut in 2007.

: “The Walt Disney Co. is planning a new Winnie the Pooh television series for 2007 plans which will have an as yet unnamed six-year-old girl as the core character instead of young Robin, a company spokeswoman said.

But she cautioned that the new character ‘is not a replacement for Christopher Robin’ and added that the role of the character based on author A.A. Milne’s son in the upcoming series is still to be determined, although it will not be central.

Nonetheless, the girl will be the star as she moves next door to the beloved characters created by the English author about 80 years ago — Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Kang and Roo plus a new character, Lumpy, introduced in a recent Pooh movie.”

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1 Reply to “Winnie The Pooh To Get A Girl Friend?”

  1. At first I thought this meant a female bear, which would be unacceptable. But a little girl is fine I suppose, although in general I don’t know why they would have to fix something that ain’t broken.

    Of course we’re not the demographic they’re going for.

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