Say ‘Bye Bye’ Krispy Kreme

After being touted as “the best doughnuts anywhere” Krispy Kreme fans in Modesto will have to drive to Stockton if they want the sweet delectable now. After 3 years and a very troubled existence the Modesto Krispy Kreme will close its doors for the last time Sunday evening. “Modesto doughnut lovers will have a large hole to fill. The Modesto Krispy Kreme outlet is closing.

The store, located at Orangeburg and Briggsmore avenues, will turn off the deep fryer and close its doors Sunday evening.”

I don’t think they’ll be missed much though, Modestans seem to have reiterated our love affair with the small, mom and pop owned doughnut shops by choosing their larger, homemade style doughnuts over the mechanized miniature sweets at Krispy Kreme.


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