Treo650’s To Receive Blackberry Mail

Palm and RIM have signed a deal that’s going to change the world for troubled Blackberry users. You’ll soon be able to receive your Blackberry email on the

Palm OS Treo 650. The obvious benefit is a cell phone, camera, and palmtop connected to one of the most popular data transfer networks in the world. Tres cool.

Cnet: Handheld computer makers Palm and Research In Motion inked a deal on Monday to let Treo 650 owners to connect with BlackBerry e-mail and calendar software.

The option will be available for new and existing Treo 650 users as well as future Treo products with the Palm operating system starting in early 2006. Carriers, pricing and distribution deals will be announced at a later date, the companies said.

The deal means that the BlackBerry Connect software will show up as an option on Palm’s VersaMail e-mail client. Palm also has several software contracts including Microsoft Exchange, IBM’s Lotus and Domino, Good Technology’s GoodLink software, Intellisync, Seven, and Visto in Europe.

“The long-term goal is to get e-mail available on every Treo with every server,” said Joe Fabris, director Palm wireless marketing.

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