Runnng Ubuntu (Debian) and Apache 2: Let the fun begin!

The Ubunu box is up and running nicely. It took me a bit of time to get Apache 2 running to spec. Apache 2 on Ubuntu (Debian) has undergone some major revisions since Apache 1.3 namely that the old HTTPD.CONF file is now deprecated and has been replaced by APACHE2.CONF and a modular configuration.

To add modules to your site you drop the module into the mods-available folder in /etc/apache2/ and make a sym(bolic) link to the module in the mods-enabled folder. The same thing for adding sites via virtual hosting. Drop your virtual hosts file into the sites-available folder in /etc/apache2/ and then make the symlink in the sites-enabled folder. All these files will be read when the new APACHE2.CONF file is referenced. Not too difficult.

The HTML still goes in /var/www if you’re running the default setup but Apache 2’s default screen you’d normally see is in /var/www/apache2-default thought it isn’t automatically configured as the ROOT directory under Ubuntu (Debian).1

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