READ THIS: Your Credit Card is NOT Safe

Robert’s found something intereting. Seems there’s a credit card scam going on without anyone actually realizing it. The scammers charge your card from a company called Digital Age. Robert’s reported that people who don’t use credit cards online aren’t immune. This means anyone can get it. There is a theory that it’s also related to some credit card info that was stolen a few years back. Take a look at Robert’s stuff. Excellent researching, Robert.

A Work In Progress: “Long story short. Check your credit card statements for something similar to the following line item:

09/25 DIGITAL AGE 888-529-98 CYPRUS, SE $24.99

More information about this fraudulent transaction here. Hope nobody else ends up finding this on one of their statements, but if you do, I would strongly recommend that you immediately report it as fraudulent and cancel that card, even if your credit card company doesn’t think you need to. It’d be only a matter of time before your card is charged much more than twenty-five bucks.”

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  1. Thanks, Loyd. I’m actually doing what I can to try to spread the word even more. I’m surprised at how many people have said “me, too” over the past week. Which makes me wonder how many more people who don’t do anything online have been hit and don’t even know about it.

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