DVD-CD Ring Unearthed in Modesto

I never heard about this.

KCBS.com: Investigators in Modesto say a drug investigation has ended in the arrest of 14 people involved in selling pirated DVDs and CDs.

Stanislaus County authorities say while a detective was working undercover on a drug case, he uncovered information that pirated D-V-Ds and C-Ds were being sold in parking lots.

The twelve men and two women arrested Friday were charged with conspiracy and possession of pirated DVDs and CDs for sale.

Detectives say they recovered more than 800 pirated DVDs and about 25-hundred CDs worth more than 53-thousand dollars.

I guess I never thought there was anyone smart enough in this town to figure out how to copy DVD’s or CD’s.

Dammit. I hate not being the smartest person in town. Time to move. What’s the weather like in Winnemucca?

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