Rubber Bullets. garret comments on the use of rubber bullets in Oakland against anti-war protesters and dockworkers. Most people know this, but it never hurts to keep on repeating it: Rubber bullets are tools for experts to use. And even in the most expert of hands, they can kill. You aim low, because a shot to the face can leave a lasting… (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma) .. and even a fatal impression – and not just in children. These can cause a messy closed head injury when improperly used. Here… [Code The Web Socket]

To continue on with Alwin’s post, there was a great special on the History Channel‘s Modern Marvels called Super Guns (See the 1pm-2pm time slot) while I was on lunch yesterday. It seems rubber bullets are actually hardended plastic and vulcanized rubber much harder than a hockey puck. Now renamed from the misnomer “non-lethal”, not-as-lethal weapons are still deadly. Rubber bullets, when fired at the ground, shatter and produce sharpnel as dangersous as a handgrenade. Rubber bullets still break bones, cause internal trauma, and may even kill. It pays to pay attention.

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