BART Looking At Coming To Central Valley

If you live in the Central Valley and take the drive over the Altamont frequently now’s your chance to speak up. BART officials who are looking at future routes into the Valley and are looking for your input.

Stockton Record: Bay Area transportation officials are working on a 50-year blueprint for future transit systems, including possible Bay Area Rapid Transit extensions, expanded commuter train service from the Central Valley and better bus systems.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is looking for ideas from Valley residents, who are encouraged to attend a series of workshops over the next two weeks. A Modesto workshop is planned Tuesday.

The workshops come just a few months after the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission, which owns and operates the Altamont Commuter Express, decided to move ahead with plans to study new routes for the commuter rail service, including a train from Modesto to Sacramento.

That service would accommodate as many as 10,000 Modesto-to-Sacramento commuters, officials have said.

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