Smart Car Makes Sure You Make Payments

Buyer beware, a car lot in Norfolk Conneticut is testing a new way to make sure you pay, an electronic system designed to only let you into your car when you make a payment.

USA Today: A new gizmo is upping the odds that even the most hard-knock customer will come up with the car payment. Hooked into the ignition system, the gadget comes in a handful of versions with one common conclusion:

No pay, no start.

It’s worked wonders at Norfolk’s Patriot Auto Sales, where nearly every car that drives off the lot is outfitted with a PayTeck Smart Box, a system that hands over a five-digit code in exchange for each payment. Come due date, the car won’t crank until the customer punches the code into a palm-size keypad wired into the dash.

Man, and I thought pay toilets were bad.

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