Facebook? No, not me.

Last year, at the height of the election I realized that Facebook was openly manipulating content with it’s algorithm in a way designed to incite anger and rage. After not very much deliberation, I stopped using Facebook. Well, I couldn’t altogether leave Facebook as I have automation’s set up to post from Yosemite Blog and sometimes I look up people I’ve just met to get an idea of who they are, but I stopped actively posting and reading my personal feed.

I have to say, I’m much better off without it. My stress and anxiety levels have plummeted and I’m most definitely happier.

Why am I writing this post you ask? Very soon I will stop using Facebook altogether and will close out my account. I’ve realized that social media that uses algorithms to determine what, when, and if you should be shown content are not in my best interests nor the interests of my blogs. My content is meant to be consumed in the chronological order in which it’s posted, not 3-4 days later when it’s no longer relevant. I often post on Yosemite Blog articles and news that are meant to inform the visitor before they head out to the park. If it’s not showing up for them for 3-4 days, how does that help them? My answer, it doesn’t.

Therefore, I will be disabling the cross posting feature on my blogs in the next couple of days. If you read my blogs via social media, I encourage you to switch to an RSS reader or bookmark my site and visit on a regular basis.

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