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If you look back in this blog you’ll see that I started using Facebook the day it opened up to the general public. But, I’ve long been frustrated with the the way they handle your personal data. They’ve always been very nonchalant with it and let anyone willing to fork over a few dollars have access.

When Facebook made it clear that they weren’t in the business of providing users a place to interact but as a place that is only interested in the number of ad impressions they can show I decided to cut my use of Facebook.

This morning news came out that hedge fund Elliot Investors is trying to push Jack Dorsey out of Twitter. They’re reasoning is Twitter isn’t making enough profit off ad revenue because it’s not generating enough ad impressions.

To me Twitter has always been more about the content rather than the ad revenue. I admire Jack for that. Sometimes it’s hard to take the stance to defend users and stay focused on delivering a good product especially when you have investors to keep satisfied.

I think what I’m really trying to say here is, I like Jack. A Twitter that is more about advertising than being a good product that’s good to and for it’s users is a bad thing IMO. If Elliot wins and Jack is out, then I’m done with Twitter.

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