$30 DIY Home Air Filter

I’ll be blunt, allergies suck. Evidently this has been the worst year for allergies on record. People who normally don’t suffer bad allergies, like me, have been hit and hit hard. I’ve even developed asthma and the suspected cause is allergies.When I started getting sick I invested in a really nice Honeywell air purifier from our local hardware store. I’m not ashamed to say I paid a lot but it was worth every penny of it. While I was trying to get my asthma meds straightened out that filter was my lifeline.

But not everyone has the money to run out and buy a nice filter. Here’s a really cool DIY video how you can make an air filter that’s almost as effective with a 20″ box fan ($15-$20) and a home furnace replacement HEPA filter ($15). The DIY version brings the particulate level down 90% by merely strapping a HEPA filter on the front of the fan. WOW!

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