Facebook Pokes the Pooch

One of my friends always used to say when someone screws up they’ve “poked the pooch”. Well Facebook has poked the pooch. How? Someone at Facebook decided to take all my likes and interests, all my work information and education information and turn it all into pages.

Ok. Well I don’t want a page dedicated to each previous employer I was with or each of the 100 bands, books, movies I listed in my profile as liking. That was just so people I knew could see what I was into now. I don’t want to belong to those pages. So, when I declined to join those pages Facebook wiped all that information from my profile.

Screen shot 2010-05-01 at 10.15.50 PM.png

I think maybe someone at Facebook should have thought a little harder about what the USERS want not what THE COMPANY wants before making changes. This pretty much ends me and Facebook. I’ve contacted the friends I wanted to get in touch with. It can slink off to it’s corner and rot now.

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