Our Twitter Updates for 2009-09-07

  • My throat feels like the outside of a furry peach. Not good. Keep trying to cough it away but not helping. #
  • See crap. Not a sniffle for 9 months…I hope it's allergies but I got the feeling
    it's not. #
  • In a weird, fever induced design frenzy at 1 a.m. How strange is that? #
  • Advil and Vitamin D are kicking in. I feel a hell of a lot better but still a bit achy. #
  • Why is it pickles sound good when you feel like crap? #
  • Logo. Done. Biz card. Done. Advert. Done. Sorta. Moving on to client work now. #
  • I need music now. #
  • If you're using WordPress make sure you upgrade to the latest version. There is a worm out that will bore it's way in and make itself admin. #
  • 15 CSS Tricks That Must Be Learned – http://bit.ly/15jZxV (via @smashingmag) #

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