Has It Been 6 years Already

Dailything.com began as a I transitioned from Radio.Userland (man that was good software) to MovableType back in June of 2002. I lost a lot of my older stuff when I changed hosts so my archives only go back to 2003 but man, has it been 6 years already?

What started out as one weblog quickly became 2 then 3 then 2 again then 4 and now 7. That’s right, I’m taking the Leo Laporte route and becoming a content producer. Right now I have a site that talks about Yosemite (where most people know me from), a site talking about Autism, an informative How-to site, a site about Photography, a site full of beautiful pictures and a couple more that I can’t even remember off the top of my head. Not all of them have been announced but they will be soon. Plan is for me to take my long weekend this weekend and finish getting them up as well as spending some much needed time mano a camera. When they’re ready I’ll let you know and I’ll post links in the Blogroll. But for now you can go check out www.learningaboutautism.org and see how it’s developing or www.allacrossamerica.org.