AppMarks Makes the iPhone Useful

If I was one of the cool kids and had an iPhone already then I’d be sure to ue Appmarks. Appmarks is a web-based desktop that presents bookmarks in a GUI approximation of a desktop. Check out the video to see how it works.

AppMarks: “AppMarks runs in Safari and presents icon ‘appmarks’ of your favorite web apps, widgets, and sites. Simply tap an appmark to launch it or use the toolbar to rearrange, add, or remove appmarks.

The first time you launch AppMarks, it is set up with sixteen appmarks to get you started. To add your own favorites, tap the ‘+’ button and enter the title and URL. To remove appmarks, tap the ‘Edit’ button and tap the red ‘-‘ marks. After you have customized AppMarks, make it your start page so it is easy to use your appmarks.”