Be a Ghost Hunter

We’ve all heard ghost stories and quite a few of us believe we’ve had paranormal encounters. Wikihow has a great article explaining how you too can investigate paranormal experiences on your own.

Wikihow: “1. Locate the site of the disturbance.

2. If the site is on private property, contact the owners. Be polite and professional (you don’t want to come off as being crazy!)

3. Check into the history of the location. You can research as much as you like, but keep in mind that most distrubances orginate from the location’s history.

4. Choose a team of friends or local paranormal investigators, between two and eight people for most locations.

5. Assemble your equipment.

6. Sweep the area. If there are particular locations where paranormal events seem to occur, leave a video camera (if you have one) recording in the location, or leave a couple of team members.

7. Gather your data, and ask a local paranormal investigation group to look over it with you. Most groups will be glad to help, and will probably have more information to add about what could be causing it.”

Fun stuff. What was that?