You’re Not Safe Anywhere Anymore I Guess

You think you live in the sleepy little corner of suburbia, far from the world of “tarrarist” plots, crime and then something happens to make it hit home that, “hey, you’re not safe.”

CBS2: “Authorities evacuated Modesto City-County Airport Tuesday morning after officials said the city’s Webmaster received nine e-mailed threats.

More than a dozen commercial flights were canceled. Employees and passengers were evacuated so that police and federal officials could sweep the airport with a bomb-sniffing dog.

No explosives were found. Authorities have not released details about any possible suspects.”

The airport in question is DIRECTLY across the street from where I work. The road we work on was closed for several hours keeping us locked down. Unfortunately our work ISP was doing work on the cable so we were also without internet access and telephones (VOIP) so it was hard to find out what was going on.