Elisa Brings Media Center to Linux and Packs a Surprise

It seems everyone is getting on the “media center pc” bandwagon these days and it’s not unreasonable to assume that someone would come out with one for Linux and that’s exactly what Elisa is.

Fluendo.com: “Elisa is a project to create an open source cross platform media center solution. While our primary development and deployment platform is GNU/Linux and Unix operating systems…””

Elisa not only looks and works great but it packs a surprise, it also works on Windows systems. Since Elisa runs on top of the Gstreamer multimedia framework you can run it on your Windows system. That means you don’t have to shell out $200 to upgrade to the Media Center Version of Windows XP.

Ain’t open source great?

Take a closer look at Elisa. Click here for the screenshots. Very nice.