So what you’re saying is today isn’t ACTUALLY Presidents Day?, debunkers of urban myths and fraudulent emails, has a great article on…well…today, Presidents Day…er..Washingtons Birthday…uh…well you’ll just have to read it to find out.

Here’s a snippet: Washington’s Birthday has become Presidents’ Day (or President’s Day, or even Presidents Day; the usage is inconsistent) for many of us because federal holidays technically apply only to persons employed by the federal government (and the District of Columbia). Individual state governments do not have to observe federal holidays — most of them generally do (and most private employers and school districts follow suit), but federal and state holiday observances can differ. For example, former Confederate states have observed several holidays not recognized at a federal level (such as June 3, Jefferson Davis Day), and controversial Arizona governor Ev Mecham drew headlines in 1987 when one of his first official acts upon inauguration was to rescind an Executive Order issued by the previous governor that had established the Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (a federal holiday) as an Arizona state holiday.

It’s very interesting and well worth the time.

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