Give Us The Camera Or We’ll Blog You.

Looks like some mob justice is about to break out.

Anil: I’d been following Judith’s story of her lost camera with great interest until the latest update shocked me:

“Well,” she said, “we have a bit of a situation. You see, my nine year old son found your camera, and we wanted to show him to do the right thing, so we called, but now he’s been using it for a week and he really loves it and we can’t bear to take it from him.”

Judith’s not the mob justice type of person, but if ever there were a good reason for a bunch of nosy curious bloggers to track someone down and make them do the right thing, this would be it for me.

I feel bad for a kid whose parents are that lost and misguided.

Cory Doctorow over at Boing Boing Blog says:

I agree with the commenter on this post: she should post this family’s name and hold them up for shame and ridicule. This is theft.

and commentor Erikerikerik says:

People who have no sense of right or wrong need to be shamed into submission. Seriously. They really do need thousands of letters telling them that they are doing the wrong thing by keeping something that belongs to someone else. This isn’t a gray area: this is something that really all people should believe in– “People should be entitled to the things that they paid for.”

Yup, gonna be a fun time tonight. Anyone got a rope?