How to reply to spam email.


What? you’re thinking. Why did I say that?

The person from whom the email appears to have originated from never sent it. In fact, I’m sure they couldn’t do anything about stopping the email from flooding your inbox.

You see, their email has been spoofed. That means another person has copied their domain and is sending through a computer that randomly generates IP addresses. Adding them to an online blacklist site won’t really help matters only, it’s more likely to get their legitimate email address banned so they won’t be able to contact their bank, their work, or their childs teacher if they need to be.

But it’s not your fault you say, why are you being punished with ungodly amount of spam for viagra or what not? That guy should have been more careful with his domain so it wouldn’t get spoofed!

Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. You can’t protect a domain. Spoofing is as easy as taking that thing you typed in Internet Explorer to get here and sticking a bob@ in front of it. Sucks huh?

No, the real solution is you. Set up and use a strong email filter on your own computer. Almost all good email clients have this feature built in. If you look at all your emails you’ll notice there are certain words and phrases that you can block. Block them and you should be ok.

Eventually, over time, when spammers see this tactic doesn’t work any more they’ll stop and find some other way to annoy you. But the 2 things you need to do until then, 1) don’t reply to the email the spam originated from it’s just a helpless victim also and 2) don’t EVER buy anything from a spam email. If it works they’ll keep it up. So don’t make it work.