Guy Kawasaki Tells His Secret: How to Get a Standing Ovation.

Guy Kawasaki is awesome and I really dig what he has to say. Take for instance one of his most recent posts, “How to get a standing ovation.

Guy Kawasaki:

  1. Have something interesting to say.
  2. Cut the sales pitch.
  3. Focus on entertaining. Understand the audience
  4. Overdress.
  5. Don’t denigrate the competition.
  6. Tell stories.
  7. Pre-circulate with the audience.
  8. Speak at the start of an event.
  9. Ask for a small room.
  10. Practice and speak all the time.

Go to his blog to check out how he uses these 10 simple rules to get the greatest return from his audience. I’m sure glad he’s blogging. I really enjoy his blog.

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