Are New Video Game Sales Driving The PC Market?

Late last year Call of Duty 2, to Call of Duty and the popular United Offensive expansion pack, debut creating a new standard in graphics and online game realism. Call of Duty 2 quickly struck a chord with fans and had teenagers and adults alike swarming stores to pickup this latest release from the folks at Activision. There was only one problem, the amount of power taken to run the game made it all but impossible to run on many aging computer systems found in America’s homes. It’s no wonder. CoD2 is the game used to benchmark the new Intel chips processing power.

While doing “online research” over 90% of the people surveyed (about 50 in all) playing COD2 got new computer equipment for Christmas. 72% were in the form of upgrades in hardware while the remaining 28% were completely new systems.

If we assume that more people than just the ones I talked to also purchased or received system or system upgrades over the Christmas holiday, this is a figure that’s got to have hardware manufacturers smiling. And they owe it all to America’s love of video games.